The Best Space Saving Narrow Walkers For Seniors – 2019

Walkers are an optimal solution for those who need a little help getting around, but only if they fit through the doorway.  If you or a loved one, has ever gotten stuck or left behind because a walker couldn’t squeeze through an opening, you know just how frustrating (and embarrassing) it can be.  Thank goodness for narrow walkers that allow more access and save space too.

What Are Space Saving Narrow Walkers?

Walkers, also called rollators, are devices that are designed to help individuals get around by offering support.  They come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, and types.  Space saving narrow walkers fit through tight spots.  They are also very compact for ease in transporting and storing. 

Walkers, in general, are built to accommodate many situations.  If you’ve had knee surgery and need a little help getting around, some walkers are very inexpensive and offer the minimum in extra frills.  For those that totally and permanently depend on walker for mobility, you’ll find walkers with advanced features.

As is the case with man things in life, you may not recognize the value in such a product until you find yourself stuck out, literally.  My mother was a large lady, so when we were choosing her walker, the thought of a narrow one never entered our mind.  Then came the day we were out shopping, and she needs to use “the facilities.”  To our horror, her walker would not fit through the narrow restroom doorway.  The problem was an urgent one.

Fortunately, we were able to find a restroom with a wider entrance, but we almost didn’t.  Our mother-daughter shopping trip almost turned out disastrous.  I knew my mother was humiliated.  Being an independent woman, she wasn’t fond of being on a walker in the first place.  I set out on a mission to find a narrow walker.

It wasn’t that easy to narrow down tight-squeeze walkers.  There was a lot of sifting I had to do.  Hopefully, my homework saves you the trouble.

Big Benefits of Space Saving Narrow Walkers

Some of the benefits of having a space-saving narrow walker are obvious – they save space when storing or transporting and they get through tight places.  There are other advantages besides though.  Here are some additional reasons to consider a space-saving narrow walker:

Perfect not only for taking along with you in your vehicle but also when you opt for public transportation, such as the bus or a taxi cab.

Excellent option for shopaholics because many stores have narrow doorways, especially when it comes to using their restrooms.

The ideal choice for adventurists who love to explore; going to uncharted territory behind a walker can be an excellent experience or not.  A narrow walker helps prevent unexpected, unhappy endings to an otherwise perfect day.

Narrow walkers offer more than convenience.  You never know when having a walker that can fit through a small opening might be a life-saver.  If you have to make an emergency exit in the event of a fire, earthquake, flood, or another disaster, it’s good to know your narrow mobility walker can make the quick trip with you.

Types of Space Saving Narrow Walkers

There are a ton of makes, models, size, shapes and even colors that space-saving narrow walkers come in.  They all fit through tight spaces, some as close as 23″ and smaller.  Some have wheels, and others do not.  Most with wheels sport hand brakes, but some are easier to apply than others.

There are those that have 3-wheels which can help you move your way around.  Euro-styled walkers have the extra wheel in the back while most regular 3-wheeled devices place the extra wheel in the front. 

There are some that have all the bells and whistles like padded seats for those who like or need to take a breather and sit for a spell.  Walkers with backrests are also available.

You’ll find walkers with unique features like non-slip and easy-grip handles, shopping baskets, pockets for your personal effects, and so much more.  There are very lightweight and super-easy to fold together with a just a light touch which make them easy to transport and to store.

Space saving narrow walkers could be great for thin people and larger folks alike.  Many have adjustable seats heights and handles too.  Oh, and they come in just about every color imaginable.

The physical and medical needs you have will help you to determine which narrow walker is best for you.  There are ones that offer mobility for those that need a little help along the way and also ones that have more advanced support.  If you are limit to the use of just one side of your upper body, don’t worry.  There’s a narrow walker designed just for you. 

It is awesome that there is such a wide variety when it comes to narrow walkers but trust me; it can be overwhelming at the same time.

Best Space Saving Narrow Walkers For Seniors

Being “the best” has different meanings for us all and is most accurately defined as products that have universal qualities, like durability and quality construction, and offer extra features.  There are so many great space saving narrow walkers on the market now, you don’t have to “settle”.  Take a look at some of the best ones I found to be a step above:

Able Life Space Saver Walker

The Able Life Space Saver Walker is ideal for those who just need a temporary or back-up walker because it is super affordable.

It’s four times smaller in size than most rollators and is a cinch to transport and store.  Amazingly, this walker has an opening depth of just 21.5” so it easily fits through narrow passages but it supports up to 400 pounds.

Weighing in at just 8 pounds, it comes with rear easy-glide feet and stationary wheels and has swivel wheels.  The handles can be conveniently adjusted with just the touch of your finger.

For the fashion forward minded walker user, this narrow walker comes in Regal Rose, Cobalt Blue, or Black Walnut.

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Bariatric Walker

Just because you are dependent on a rollator walker doesn’t mean you can’t live large.  As mentioned before, my mother was a plus size and needed a narrow walker that could support her weight.

This is the one I chose because it accommodates up to 500 pounds and is built to be very sturdy and stable.  It’s even FDA cleared which put my mind at ease.  It has 5” wheels for better balance and is constructed of top-quality, extremely durable material. 

There are two skis that reduce ground friction and four pieces of felt that can be applied to protect flooring.  The handle grips are non-slip and comfortable to hold on to which was a feature my mother loved.

This walker folds down remarkably well for one of such weight capability.  It gets through a 30” doorway whereas her other walker did not.  On the downside, it would be nice if this walker was just an inch narrower, but given the weight it supports and our individual needs, it was a winner.

Nova GetGo Petite and Narrow Rollator Walker

For those who are short, 4’10” to 5’4″, this walker is ideal for getting through tiny areas.  With a width clearance of anything beyond 23″, this pretty pink chair might just turn out to be your main squeeze.

There is also a Classic Standard and Junior size available that accommodate individuals up to 6’1″.  One of my favorite features on this one is the “lock and load” that snaps into place while you load, unload, and store it.

The durable indoor/outdoor wheels are a super wide 6″ with 1″ wide bases. For icing on the pink cake, the hand brakes are this brand’s very own, patented feather touch which requires very little strength in the hands.  The seat is padded. There is a pouch to store goodies or necessities like keys, a wallet, change, or whatever you might want to take along with you.

Best of all, you get a five-year warranty on this stylish walker.

Vive Folding Narrow Walker

This Vive Folding Narrow Walker is a good, reasonably priced walker that comes with just enough extra features but without the extra price added on.

It supports up to 250 pounds and can get through openings over 23″.  The seat is fully adjustable.  With the push of a button, the walker folds up, so it is excellent for travel and stores nicely.

The hand grips are comfortable and work without applying much pressure.  There is a beautiful bag and upgraded easy-to-navigate wheels that come as a perk with the purchase.

I think this is one of the best deals if you are wanting to get a little extra without paying a lot.

Hemi PCP One Arm Walker

If you need a walker that you can maneuver with just one arm, whether it is due to a stroke, limited use of one hand or arm, amputation, or any other reason, this walker offers the basics and can get through narrow spaces.

The construction is sturdy, built with durable material that cross-brace at an angle to give you the best footage possible.  This walker has no wheels.

It seems incredibly light and folds up very quickly.  The height is adjustable, and the black foam handles offer comfort and a non-slip grip.  This walker is a step up from a cane.  It can be used with either side, right or left.

Carex 3-Wheel Foldable Walker 

Shop but DON’T drop!  This Carex 3-Wheel Foldable Walker is a dandy.

The 3-wheel design makes it easy to manipulate, and the fact that it’s narrow helps it fit through even the tightest spots.

In my opinion, this is the perfect walker for shoppers because it will help you get down the crowded store aisles and comes with a basket too.  It has locking brakes and 7″ wheels that easily make it across rough terrain.

The assembly is quick and straightforward, and it folds down like a dream.  With this excellent device, you don’t have to give up your shopping…or your bathroom breaks.

Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style White Rollator Walker

If you like the idea of having a 3-wheel walker with the extra wheel in the back, you’ll love this one.  It is super simple to steer and is lightweight too.

The aluminum construction is very sturdy though.  It is only 23″ wide, so it fits through tight spaces. Need to sit and rest for a bit?  No problem because this device has a padded seat.

Large front wheels make guiding it even more comfortable.  I think this is an excellent choice for those who depend a lot upon their walker and who like to know they can take it anywhere because it folds up with ease and fits through just about anywhere you’d want to go.

Don’t Get Stuck Out

I learned about space saving narrow walkers because my mom and I were caught off-guard.  Hopefully, this review has widened your awareness and keeps you or your loved one from having to learn the hard way.  

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