2019’s Best 3 Wheel Walkers Reviewed

No one wants to be dependent on a walker – or at least no one that I know.  But if that time has come, how does the saying go, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em?”  The loss of adequate mobility can lead to loss of independence.  But for some, there’s another adage that rings true.  “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

The trick is finding a walker that works best for you – one that will help you retain as much mobility and independence as possible. 

How I Discovered 3 Wheel Walkers

I’ve got to admit; I knew absolutely nothing about walkers until my dad could no longer get around without one.  The day had come that the larger than life “He-Man” who boxed in the Navy and featured in the newspaper for heroically lifting a car off a fellow employee on the General Motors assembly line was unable to walk without help.  He had fallen several times, and even he knew that one fall too many could be the one to take his independence entirely.  It was time to shop around.

I read up on traditional style walkers but couldn’t picture my dad using one.  He does not make a good patient.  He makes a terrible one.  I knew I had to come up with something a little edgier, one that would let him get around more quickly than most.  Thankfully, I stumbled across the miraculous three wheel walker!

What Exactly are 3 Wheel Walkers?

Walkers are devices that aid a person’s mobility by offering support.  Some have wheels and referred to as rollators.  There are walkers with seats, Euro walkers, 4 wheel walkers and…3 wheel walkers.

Three wheel walkers are triangular.  They have three wheels, one in the front and two in the rear.  Generally, the walkers come with hand brakes and sometimes even have extra features, like a basket to carry your belongings in. 

Positive Points

I discovered a ton of benefits the three wheel walker has to offer folks, like my dad, who want to retain as much independence as possible but at the same time, need a little help in doing so.  To me, they are the sports car of the walker world.  Here are some of the perks they bring to the showroom floor:

  • Three wheel walkers fit through narrow openings.
  • They are usually lighter weight than traditional walkers are.
  • Because of their triangular shape, they are easier to maneuver. 
  • Most three wheel walkers are more manageable to guide than regular walkers.
  • They go faster.
  • They zip around corners.
  • The majority of 3 wheel walkers are compact – a cinch to transport and store.
  • Let’s face it…3 wheel walkers are just cooler than traditional ones!

Best 3 Wheel Walkers

Three-wheel walkers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  They can be constructed out of all different materials and even come in different colors.  In addition, many accommodate other needs you may have due to your circumstance or disability.  With quality, craftsmanship, and special features in mind, the following three wheel walkers are ones that I found to be a step above the rest:

Drive Medical Winnie Lite Supreme Three Wheel Rollator 

– If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight three wheel walker that can get you from point A to point B with ease, this model does the trick.  It’s a no-frills device that is very affordable.  It’s constructed of aluminum, so it weighs practically nothing but is super durable.  The handles adjust the height from 32-38”.  The tires are soft-grip which makes them perfect and practical for use both indoor and outdoors.  The casters are 7.5″, and there’s a special loop lock that makes the device glide.  The brakes are adjustable.  This walker is only 26″ wide so that it can fit through most openings.  When you are done for the day, push the hinge, and it folds right up for compact storing.

Drive Medical 3 Wheel Rollator in Flame Red​

If you were the one who had to have the red sports car, you’ll love this model by one of the best makers in the bunch, Drive Medical.  And yes, you guessed right this is the one my dad just had to have (probably because it was red).  There are some great features this three-wheeler has like its one-handed folding ability, lightweight aluminum construction, and lock knob for times you want it not to budge.  The casters are 7.5″ which are ideal for indoor and outdoor use.  This device is just 24″ in length and 25″ wide, so it easily goes through most openings.  The handle height is adjustable, 31″-38″.  This walker supports 300 pounds which was great for a big man like my dad.  You even get a basket, pouch, and tray with this model.

Carex 3 Wheel Walker for Seniors

This model has 7” wheels for getting around inside and outside too.  It is lightweight and easily folds so you can take it with you wherever you go and store it when you are through.  What I like about the Carex is that it gets in and out of tight spaces and can cut around people in the grocery store aisle too.  The wheels have locking brakes for safety, the height is fully adjustable, and it comes with a large storage bag with a spot for ID cards and your cell phone too.  This is one of the most popular three-wheel rollators on the market and with good reason.  

Nova Traveler 3 Wheel All Terrain Walker​

The Traveler is built to do precisely that, to travel!  It is a superb device for getting around in rough terrain like you might run across outside such as loose gravel, dirt, grass, rocky ground, and practically any other type of territory you might need or want to walk across.  The rubber wheels are a whopping 8″ which allows to go over rough terrain more easily.  The paint and overall construction seems like it’s very high quality.  Nova is known for being top notch.  You’ll get a zippered storage pouch, a basket, and even a handy tray with this model.  There is a locking parking brake and adjustable handles too.  This walker is 24″ wide so that it can squeeze through super small openings.  Nova backs this product up with a lifetime limited warranty.

Healthline 3 Wheel Lightweight Walker​

If you need a super lightweight three-wheel walker, this one certainly fits the bill.  It weighs in at only 13 pounds.  Amazingly, it supports up to 300 pounds though.  Being only 24″ wide means, it can squeeze through tiny spaces.  The handle height is adjustable, and it has brakes that are easy to grip.  It also comes complete with a wire basket for storage, a safety tray that conveniently goes on the basket that can be lifted or placed back down, and a tote bag too.  This model folds and unfolds easily so you can take it anywhere, even if you are traveling on the bus or in a small car.  It is available in a stylish blue.

3 Wheel Foldable Walker with Shopping Cart

This walker is lightweight, and it quickly collapses to transport and to store.  It seems like the easy-glide wheels help make it move smoothly. If you are a shopper, this model is ideal and even comes with a large storage basket to put your goodies in.  There’s a convenient slot for your ID cards too.  The wheels are 7″ which is a nice size.  When you want to stop to grab something off the shelf or for whatever reason, you can lock the wheels into place, or you can use the hand brakes.  Corners are simple to turn with this 3 wheeler.  And one of the best things about this jewel of a walker is that you won’t need any tools to assemble it. 

If you still haven’t found a 3 wheel walker that fits your needs, keep looking.  You are sure to fall in love with one somewhere down the line.

Some Add-Ons

Why not “trick your walker out” as the kids say?  Once Dad got over his stubborn pride and got into his “3 wheeler”, as well called it, I can honestly say he made the best of it.  The family got into the spirit too.  We gifted him add-ons for his birthday, Christmas, and sometimes “just because.”  Here are some great items you can add on to your three wheel walker:

Drive Medical Universal Cup Holder

You’ll need a refreshing drink to take along on your walk, so you’ll need a spot to slip it in to keep your hands free.  This cup holder fits many sizes of cups, glasses, and bottles and should fit onto most walkers too.  It even swivels for convenience. 

Tote for 3 Wheel Walkers

You definitely can take it with you when you go!  This convenient carry tote pouch has a good bit of room so you can take your belongings with you.  It folds into a 14” wide pouch and folds back up to be under an inch wide.

Walker Basket

You will need your hands to guide your walker and to help stabilize yourself, so you’ll want a place to put shopping bags, your picnic lunch, or whatever else you want to take along with you.  There are a multitude of walker baskets to choose from, but this one happens to be my favorite. This particular basket is for the Winnie Deluxe model, but it will fit many other three wheel walkers too.  It is lightweight, yet sturdy, and holds quite a bit.

How Do You Roll?

Not ready to give up your independence yet?  Neither was my dad.  But when he finally came to grips with the fact that giving up a portion of his independence beat falling and possibly losing it all, he conceded to use a walker.  Not just any walker would do, however.  He had to level up.  Maybe you are in the same situation. 

I am not even sixty yet and am having to face the fact that I have a medical condition that causes me to limp and easily lose my footing. It’s called Myelopathy, a complication of Spinal Stenosis.  Since I inherited my dad’s willful, independent spirit, I can tell you that when the day comes and I too am forced to depend on a walker, it won’t be any walker.  “No sirree bobtails!” as Dad would say.  I’ll be behind the helm of a three-wheeler because that’s how I roll.  How about you?

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