12 Awesome Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Actually Use!

Dads deserve more than one day a year to celebrate how special they are, right? That’s why this year’s Father’s Day gift has to be epic!

But finding something that’ll blow their mind gets tougher every year!

Lucky for you, we’ve got 12 of the most awesome, coolest gift ideas your dad won’t be expecting, but will be absolutely amazed at and remember for years to come!

1. ThePhotoStick – ONE Click Saves 1000’s Of Dad’s Photos & Videos!

Dads love it when they can turn a massive, near impossible job into a quick, ‘no problem’ task.

Lucky for you, ThePhotoStick is all that and more!

ThePhotoStick is the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos 100% hassle free! Just plug it into any PC or Mac, click the big green button that says ‘GO’ – DONE!

It automatically starts downloading ALL your pictures and videos to the stick, where they’re sorted and organized for easy referencing later.

No downloading software or technical expertise needed, no monthly cloud storage fees, and most important, no more worries about Dad’s old, archaic computer crashing and zapping all his memories out of existence!

2.  Keysmart – Make Dad Proud With This Sleek Stylish Keychain!

This year give Dad the ultimate key organizer with KeySmart!

This ultra-durable, handy key organizer offers a patented S-Shape design to hold up to 14 keys! No more jingling, jangling! No more unsightly, bulky mass of metal!

No more getting poked in places Dad shouldn’t get poked! It’s made of 3mm thick plates of aircraft-grade aluminum and it takes less than 3 minutes to assemble. 

You can even customize Dad’s KeySmart with his favorite color, adding a USB stick, bottle opener, and more! Yep, this is one slick gift Dad will love and won’t mind showing off to his buddies or around the office!

3. FIXD – This Is Dad’s New ‘Go-To’ Car Tool!

This revolutionary car-health monitoring device gives Dad the control to diagnose his own darn car WITHOUT a visit to the auto shop – now that is control!

Just plug it into your car’s OBD2 port (under the dash) and within seconds it starts telling you, in plain English, what’s wrong with your car. EVEN BETTER, it tells you how much it should cost to fix so you aren’t forced to rely on the mechanic to tell you.

Give your Dad what every Dad wants – control….of his car with FIXD!

4. VIZR – Help Dad Navigate WITHOUT Looking Away From The Road!

Help Dad safely drive AND navigate his way home with this super cool looking advanced navigation-display!

Dad will never have to look away from the road to glance at his phone while driving again – potentially averting disaster and helping assure he gets home safe and sound!

Inspired by fighter jet technology, VIZR is the Heads-Up-Display that lets him see critical info right in his line of view, like his: GPS location, next street exit, traffic conditions miles ahead, and MORE…and he can do it ALL while still focusing on the road in front of him!

5.  Peeps – The Ultimate Glasses Cleaner!

With a revolutionary and patented invisible carbon molecular formula, Peeps is the only way to safely and easily get glasses crystal-clear.

That’s why 1.5 MILLION people and over 12,000 Optometrists trust Peeps to clean their glasses.

The scratch-resistant brush, soft carbon microfiber pads and carbon formula remove particles, fingerprints and more for lenses as clean as the day you got them.

6. Bondic – Dad’s New Favorite ‘Fix Anything’ Tool!

Does your Dad love to use tape, glue, and/or wire to fix things?

If he’s the kind of guy who just won’t give up trying to fix something before throwing it away because he thinks it’s ‘unfixable’ – he’s gonna LOVE Bondic!

Why? Because Bondic can fix virtually ANYTHING! 

Broken glasses? Cracked plumbing? Frayed wires? And so much more! With Bondic, you simply apply the special liquid-plastic formula to whatever you need repaired, shine the special UV light on it for 4 seconds – DONE!

Bondic is designed to last forever! Ensuring a long-lasting hold which means once it’s fixed…it’s FIXED! And Dad can go on being the hero once again!

7. ScreenKlean – Instantly Make Dad’s Expensive Device Screens Crystal-Clear!

Does Dad like expensive electronics?

Then he’ll love ScreenKlean, it’s the first and only screen cleaning product that uses Carbon Molecular Technology to attract and wipe away dirt, dust, and oils to make those hi-res screens shine through with crystal clear clarity the way they were intended too!

In fact, it’s so powerful and effective that it’s the ONLY cleaning technology used on the International Space Station! Wanna give Dad crystal clear? Shoot for the stars with ScreenKlean!

8. Neck Hammock – Neck Pain Relief In MINUTES?! Dad Will LOVE You!

Dad ever call you a pain in the neck? Well, the next time he does, tell him to go use his Neck Hammock you got him for Father’s Day!

Hailed as one of the best health finds of 2019, Neck Hammock relieves tension and stress in your neck in ONLY 10 MINUTES!

The Neck Hammock stretch bands use your own body weight to stretch your neck and create cervical traction.

This helps your tight, painful muscles release tension and relax. And using Neck Hammock is so easy! Just hang it on any door or railing, lay down, and voila! You’ll feel a change in just 10 minutes, guaranteed!

In fact, users claim it’s so comfortable that they often fall asleep while using it!

9. Glow Bowl – A Night Light (and Air Freshener) For Your Toilet!

So your dad has “Everything”? I bet he doesn’t have GlowBowl

GlowBowl – automatically lights up dad’s toilet each time he gets up to use the bathroom at night. 

Glowbowl makes it so Dad can see where he’s going without turning on bright lights, and keeps his bathroom smelling fresher! Each devices comes with a replaceable air freshener that provides months of odor protection!

10. Xtra-PC – Turn Dad’s Old, Slow Computer To Lightning Fast!

When Dad bought his computer, it was FAST – super fast! Now that it’s a few years old, it’s slow – PAINFULLY slow!

But now, with Xtra-PC, you can instantly turn Dad’s slow spinning wheel (or hourglass) into a lightning bolt – you get the point! 

Xtra-PC is a powerful little thumb drive that you simply plug it into your computer’s USB port, and within seconds bypasses your old, slow, operating system (Windows or Mac) and replaces it with a BLAZING FAST Linux operating system.

PLUS, it comes with ALL the programs Dad needs to browse the web, send/receieve emails, listen to music, watch videos, create important documents and more! Oh, and he’ll STILL have access to all of his old folders and files.

11. XY Find It – Help Dad Find Anything…In SECONDS!

With XY Find It, Dad couldn’t lose anything if he tried. 

XY Find It allows you to geo-locate lost items from up to 300 feet away using Crowd GPS technology.

Dad just attaches the coin-sized XY4+ to any item – his keys, wallet, gym bag, car, ANYTHING – and if he loses, misplaces, or has something stolen, the free XY Find It app finds it in seconds.

And if he happens to lose his phone? He just has to press any XY4+ to make his phone ring LOUD – even if it’s on silent! 

Featured on CNN, The Huffington Post, WIRED, and more! 

12. Dodow – Give Dad The Gift Of Restful Sleep!

Dad’s lose sleep because they can’t stop worrying about work, family, and life! For people like Dad who can’t fall asleep or stay asleep, Dodow is like magic.

He just has to simply place the Dodow device on his nightstand, turn it on, breathe in and out with its rhythmic glow — and then marvel the next morning at how quickly he fell asleep.

Built by insomniacs, Dodow doesn’t just help you fall asleep when you use it, but it actually retrains your brain to fall asleep on its own again! Just breathe with the light metronome and let it gently mesmerize you to sleep.

There’s nothing else like it on the market! Part yoga, part meditation, part therapy – ALL natural! Falling asleep faster, staying asleep deeper, and waking up fresher – THAT is the power of Dodow!

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